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The history of the birth of the MMC

In August 2004, my family and I flew to Ghana to visit my parents. It was the first time we ever flew together as a family to the African continent. I had no clue whatsoever that that vacation was soon going to birth a ministry wing of my ministry! However, soon after our arrival in the capital, an unexpectedly unpleasant and relatively disappointing situation ushered in an elderly man, in his late 50s, into my life. Literally the man was dead but was still walking! After hearing about my vacation in town, his wife chattered a taxi (for he could not walk a distance of 5 meters without falling) and made the 35km long journey to my residence. I had known this family over twenty years prior to this encounter.

"Brought back to Life”, was the title of this incredible but true story of this dead walking Christian, who was killed through witchcraft but brought back to life through the power of the Holy Ghost. His wife and I agreed together, I anointed him in the name of the Lord and we prayed for him. The Lord touched and healed him right there on the spot. This marked the birth day of what the Lord would later call “the Macedonian Mission Call.” Full testimony


During our vacation, we fellowshipped with 5 different churches! I was honoured with four opportunities to minister in 4 different churches. On Sunday, September 5, 2004, while ministering in one of the churches in Accra, between the hours of 11:30 and 11:45 am, the Holy Spirit interrupted and spoke two different things to me. He said:

1. Lead the entire church now to lift up intercessory prayer for a specific servant of God.

2. A new assignment for you - “The Macedonian Call”.


I did not know at the time that this very man of God in question happened to be in the US and was going through serious trouble at that very moment. Secondly the theme I was preaching on had no relation to prayer, let alone the time for the prayer. My wife noticed the unusual interruption and the subsequent intercession.


"In the midst of the sermon, my cell phone rang..."

On the following Sunday, September 12, 2004, I ministered in a different church (New Vision Ministries International Church), in the Habour City, Tema, about 40 km east of Accra. Again, in the midst of the sermon, my cell phone rang for a long time. After the sermon, I tracked the caller ID but only found indication of an international call. This call later turned out to be the same person who Holy Ghost asked me to lift an intercession for. Full testimony


MMC VI - 2012


A theme that conveys an unequivocal message that speaks for itself

The foundational work of the previous mission went very well. The message, “conveying an eye-opening message to the people of God”, also fell on open ears. The previous mission ended with a new impetus to the anticipated MMC VI mission of 2012–“Valentine is quarantined”. The theme for the mission was more than just mere theme. It was a message and a slogan as well… read report on the mission


Clip - Float here


MMC V - 2011

Conveying an eye-opening message to the people of God


After the successful mission of 2009 in the Tertiary institutions and local churches in Kumasi, Ghana, the concentration of the MMC was now directed by the Holy Spirit toward the capital city, Accra. The responses, testimonies and the move of God we experienced in Kumasi, spoke volumes… read report on the mission


Clip – service here



MMC IV - 2009

Expository lectures on the True Spirit of Valentine´s Day!

Deception is a comprehensive and most effective tool at Satan´s disposal. It yielded him 33% success in the first instance (in heaven among holy angels) and 100% success in the second (in the Garden of Eden among men who hitherto had never known sin). Deception and Valentine´s Day - a camouflage of high definition spiritual warfare that Satan wages against humanity…! read report on the mission


- Tredde Open Air Response
- Miraculous rain interception on the eve of Valentine´s Day and a Divine judgment on the festivities – Feb. 13th & 14th, 2009
- Valentine´s Day, holy or unholy, clean or unclean Day unto the Lord!?

MMC III - 2006

“Arise and go down to the potter's house, and there I will cause you to hear my words.” Jeremiah 18:2

The Macedonian Mission Call III was an extraordinary mission on purpose. The purpose was to give me an exposure into a very special realm in Christian lifestyle, an atmosphere so hard to live in and tough to deal with, yet so vital in everyday Christian life. Read report on the mission


MMC II - 2005

 21 - Day fasting revival prayer conference in the Power of God Ministries International, Accra, Ghana.

A total of eight different anointed men and women of God from both inland, such as Reverend Alex Mensah, co-ordinator for the West African Assemblies of God Church; Reverend Esther Dennis, founder and principal of the Royal Priesthood Theological College, Cape Coast, Ghana etc. and also from overseas in the persons of Reverend Dr. Clifton Clark, general Overseer of the West African Church of God and myself, Rev. Hayford Addokwei, founder of Hayford Addokwei Ministries International and head Pastor of the Liberty Central Gospel Church, Regensburg, Germany, joined these anointed generals of the gospel to mark this remarkable occasion. The host Pastors, Reverend E.O. Anang and Rev. Mrs. Reverend C. Anang graced the occasion.

  - 9th February, 2005 Theme: “Call to higher ground” See video…
  - 10th February, 2005 Theme: “Mandated to do greater works” See video…
  - A conspiracy with a 40-ton truck thwarted Read testimony
  - The climax of the 21-Day fasting - Anointing service Read report

MMC I - 2004

A dead walking man brought back to Life:


Oh! I just saw him yesterday walking on the street, couple of hours later he´s dead! Or we just finished playing Tennis, ate lunch together and he went to take a nap, few minutes later his death was announced! Sounds incredible but it´s true!!! This is not a phenomenon but a reality that does happen all over the world! Perhaps you are not yet aware of it or have not heard anything like that before, but to your neighbor, probably, it might not be a new thing. That means human beings can be active and perform activities, although they are dead. It´s simply a matter of time until the death is physically manifested. That is exactly what happened to a man named Mr. Skanford (59 years old), an engineer, draftsman and building inspector from Accra, Ghana... Full testimony

SOS - Call miraculously answered.

“I had been fighting the devil the whole week long, but on that very Sunday morning, between the hours of 04:30 am and 04:45 am (US time), I found myself in the very den of Hell itself,” he added. Literally he was caught up in a confined satanic trap where he saw no way out. He only realized that (in his own words): “death was closer to me than life.” The only thought that flushed his mind on that very crucial moment was: “if I ever could come out of this place unharmed, then it could only be by the miraculous hand of God.” At that very early hour of the morning, he thought his life was about to come to an end, “Satan was either going to kill me right here or destroy my life so much that I would never ever be able to work for the Lord anymore...”  Full testimony

Bulletin Board


DER HANDEL MIT DER SEELE: Entdecke den wahren Wert Deiner unkaeuflichen Seele

From the office of the Pastor
A call to tune up to prayer for favour for the people of God. A prophetic message and a wake up call to the church in Germany.

From the office of the Pastor-Part II-THE VISION
22nd july, 2012, A prophetic message and a wake up call to the church in Germany.

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